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Incheoch Texels are bred as terminal sires to complement our Lleyn ewes.  The priority is to have added growth and carcase qualities, with no added cost.  Easy-lambing, length, good growth from grass and carcase information (muscle and fat depth) are main breeding goals, but we know that functional, long-lasting sheep are the key to any sheep enterprise.  Incheoch Texels are also trait leaders within the breed for Maternal EBVs and we are one of the few flocks selecting for worm resistance.  


Incheoch Ulysses – a son of Rugley Spartacus (sire of Pen A last years’ sale). Ulysses has his father’s length, with more gigot and is out of a good breeding ewe. No surprise with the EBVs then growth figures well within the top 1%, good muscle and high fat with great maternal too. Like Spartacus, Ulysses is easy lambing.

Drinkstone Tiger – selected as an active, bright ram with a long neck and plenty body. His mother was a 6 crop ewe and sire was the consistent breeder, Punt Gun. Very high performance figures, particularly growth and carcase, without compromising maternal and lambing ease. Only after our worm egg count test did his figures falter. Tiger went to cover for a ram client who didn’t make the sale last year—his lambs were so impressive last year, that we wouldn’t have let him go had it not been for finding our new stock ram V Day.

Litter born +ve = more lambs scanned.

Mature Weight gimmer weight to tup, +ve = bigger ewes

Maternal mothering & milk component of 8 week weight

8 Week Weight +ve = higher weights at 8 weeks

Scan weight +ve = heavier carcases (post weaning)

Muscle Depth from ultrasound: +ve = well muscled carcase

Fat Depth +ve = more, -ve = less fat

Gigot from CT scan: +ve = better shaped gigot

Faecal Egg Count -ve = less worm eggs produced under a challenge

Birthweight +ve = heavier birthweights

Lambing Ease +ve = easier births

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