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Girl Power - what’s it all about?

We run 1000 lleyn ewes (600 at Incheoch and 400 at Middleton). We are recording and selecting for easy-care and ewe efficiency traits, and keep setting our girls new challenges so that their offspring are well adapted to the challenges (all lambed outside with very little intervention) that profitable sheep systems face.


“In 7 years we have changed our commercial ewe flock from predominantly cross ewes to 100% Lleyns.  Last year, off Incheoch, we sold or retained the same number of lambs as 7 years ago, but we did it from 100 less ewes.  Individually these ewes take less feed and less work, but collectively the hundred that aren’t here save a whole heap of time and feed! ”  
                                       Neil McGowan

Ewe efficiency - We come near to our target of ewes rearing their own wt in lambs at 100 days! 0.95Kg of lamb weaned per kg ewe to tup.

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