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BVD – The herd is accredited free of BVD and all breeding cattle are vaccinated with Bovalis. Each year we test the calf crop to check for antibody and virus. 


Johne’s Disease Every adult in the herd has been screened annually for Johnes disease for over 10 years and a test and cull policy adhered to.  No breeding stock are offered from any cow who has tested positive.  

TB – Incheoch is in a 4 year TB testing area. Our most recent test was carried out in 2012.  

The Incheoch herd numbers 200 cows – 50 Simmentals, a few Angus (belonging to Clare), and the remainder Luings.  These cows all have to work for a living – there’s no room for passengers here!  Heifers calve at 2 years old and are the only section of the breeding herd to get any preferential treatment; calving interval is high up our priorities; calving ease is vital; and functional udders, teats and feet are paramount to our breeding program.

Herd Health:  The cattle herd at Incheoch is in the SAC Premier Cattle Health Scheme and plan to achieve accredited status for BVD and Johne’s Disease. For our customers’ protection and convenience sale cattle are vaccinated for BVD and Leptospirosis.