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Finlay and Judy live at Parkhead with daughter Clare.

Son Neil and his wife Debbie live at Shealwalls with their two young children Tally and Angus.



Incheoch has been owned by the McGowan family since 1994 when they moved from Stuartslaw in Berwickshire which was home for a few years after selling the farm which the herds take their name from ‘Dirnanean’ - a hill farm in Strathardle, Perthshire.


Finlay and Judy, previously farming in Fife with a foundation herd of Simmental cattle established in 1973, took on the challenge of Dirnanean in 1976 having bought this expansive hill farm ‘lock, stock and barrel.’  The ‘stock’ element included the already established Dirnanean herd of Luing cattle.  The previous owner, Colonel Balfour, had purchased the highest priced Luing bull at the first ever sale in 1966 and was quoted as saying “in these cattle we see something nobody else has been able to give us - size, substance and sapiness.”  Finlay and Judy were equally impressed at these cows’ ability to thrive on third class land and turn out first class calves and further developed the herd into the foundation of their business.


Quality stock has always been at the heart of their business and this thrown up the odd highlight along the way:  the Simmental bull Dirnanean Nugget made a record price of 8500gns in 1984 and left a lasting impression on the breed and is still siring calves today (latest count 1165 performance recorded progeny in 235 herds), Dirnanean Jacob is following in his footsteps, and in 2006, Dirnanean Spencer was the first Simmental to be exported back to Switzerland, 32 years and 5 generations from Finlay’s first Swiss import.


The next generation, Neil and Clare, are both actively involved in the farm.  Neil is married to Debbie and they have two young children—Tally and Angus.  Clare runs her own small herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle under the ‘Inchisla’ prefix.


Debbie has been breeding Lleyn sheep since 1992, and her flock of 60 ewes came to Incheoch when she and Neil were married in 2000. 10 years later these original ewes have produced the 600 ewe flock now at Incheoch as well as starting many a new flock in between.

Finlay started breeding Texels in the late ‘80s with a selection of gimmers from Robin Young’s Friarton flock, but the original flock was sold when we moved to Incheoch in a bid to simplify the sheep operation.   One ewe lamb was retained from the best breeding ewe and 90% of the flock now can trace back to MFA94043.